Indulge Magazine Online – Elizabeth Theatre

Heritage-listed Tara House on Elizabeth Street, Brisbane, is set to receive a new lease on life. The family behind Brunswick Street’s restored Village Twin Cinemas and the building and operation of Yatala Drive-In are set to redevelop the property.


Star Kingdom Investments, run by the Sourris Family, has submitted a development application at 179 Elizabeth Street to convert the current site to a theatre and cinema complex seating 288 people. The development proposal includes two ground floor tenancies and food and drink outlets.

Although not currently Council approved, the proposed building works have been submitted to the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (DEHP) in June 2016, and an Exemption Certificate was granted in July.


Aiming to creatively reuse a  culturally significant building, the current plans would see a variety of adaptions made, including the site’s existing grand ballroom to be replaced with a cinema.

The developers say they are seeking to breathe new life into what was previously an under-utilised members only club into a semi-public commercial enterprise, enabling greater access to the beautiful heritage interiors of the building.

With both New Farm Cinema’s and Yatala Drive-In still owned and operated by the Sourris family and Star Kingdom Investments, the family has a long history with the arts industries which spans three generations.


The existing historic aesthetics will be reactivated. Originally designed by Richard Gailey in 1897, it is considered to be designed in the architectual style of Classicism.


If approved by the council, Star Kingdom Investments will create the Elizabeth Street streetscape to recall the splendour of its more glorious and classical past. The express intention of the new ownership is to reignite the heritage property to reflect its colourful history.

The development will see a reflection of the buildings past classical grandeur and aims to create an authentic cinema-going experience within a retail setting.

Words by Meg Gillespie
Image via Brisbane City Council (Illustrated by James Davidson)


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