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Say hello to the newest foodie destination in the 4101. Tucked away in fabulous Fish Lane in South Bank, sits the ambient Hello Please.

A Vietnamese restaurant and bar like Brisbane has not seen before, operating out of a shipping container with train tracks overhead, diners are offered a contemporary dining experience with mouthwatering food to boot.

Hello Please owners Daniel Ward of The Stables Craft Bar and Kitchen and Maris Cook, a seasoned hospitality professional, have created a must-visit modern eatery. The urban exterior is the perfect aesthetic to both contrast and complement cocktail bar Maker and popular Italian restaurant Julius Pizzeria that reside across the lane.

The paired prowess of foodie professionals Ward and Cook are a perfect combination to create another memorable eating environment for South Bank diners. Aiming to create something new for Brisbane diners, Hello Please is the ideal summer afternoon go-to destination for a cocktail and coconut chicken salad.

The once deserted courtyard in which Hello Please is located has transformed into an urban alfresco Vietnamese eatery that can seat 90, offering table service for a lunchtime meal and a more casual bar-style spread in the evenings.

With a covered bar area alongside a picnic inspired dining space, fairy lights and greenery add ambience to an already unique exterior. The large mural of Mohammed Ali on a neighbouring building puts the icing on the cake of a thoughtfully designed visual experience.

Bringing knowledge of the Melbourne dining style, Ward and Cook’s use of the influences of restaurant hotspots such as Lygon Street, Victoria Street and the riverside South Bank are visibly present in the dining experience offered at Hello Please, bringing the strength of the Melbourne food scene to the ever-growing Brisbane restaurant offering.

The street art flair of the Mohammed Ali mural paired with city surrounds and the rumble of passing trains offers an exterior appeal for Hello Please reminiscent of Melbourne’s famous alleyways and European atmosphere. An inviting combination of urban visuals, combined with the tastes of Vietnam, is an intoxicating mix.

A variety of cocktails and carefully selected wines are served alongside traditional Vietnamese dishes. From rice paper rolls served with peanut sauce to the best bao buns I have tasted in Brisbane, Hello Please looks set to become the newest hot spot for Vietnamese cuisine.

Sourcing herbs and ingredients from a local Vietnamese supermarket in West End, each dish has its own zesty influences. Packed full of flavour, traditional Vietnamese dishes have been given a unique twist providing restaurant goers with a modern Vietnamese eating experience that will leave them wanting more.

With a current choice of 12 meals, Hello Please offers a variety of well-known Vietnamese dishes. The menu of flavours is set to grow as the restaurant gains momentum. Enjoyed with a glass of wine, a beer or a cocktail from their distinctive drinks menu, the Hello Please experience will not disappoint.

Words by Meg Gillespie | Images by Savannah van der Niet


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