Client: CPL/Mylestones Employment – Influencer Email

Influencer email template, to be sent to a compiled list of social media influencers.

Dear name of influencer,

We at Mylestones Employment would like to collaborate with you! As a significant figure in the Brisbane community, we believe that your involvement with our upcoming event will be influential in showing support to those in need.

I’m sure you understand that finding a job can often be difficult, but what can make it even harder is searching the job market when you’re labelled as disabled. Over 4.2 million Australians live with this title, when most are hardworking, positive and enthusiastic individuals who would be a benefit to any workplace.

Mylestones Employment is an initiative by disability support organisation Choice Passion Life (CPL), which is a registered Disability Employment service provider. We partner with employers and individuals seeking employment, in order to empower workplaces to provide work to the skilled job-seekers who are one of the 4.2 million. All whilst providing support for both parties along the way.

Despite the barriers present in our community, hiring someone with a disability has huge benefits for your business and is as easy as picking up your morning coffee.

With this in mind, to show employers and the broader community just how easy it is to hire someone with a disability, we are offering free coffee served with a chat with the CPL team to the community on Friday 24 February.

Date: Friday 24 February 2017

Time: 7:00am – 9:00am

Address: CPL Strathpine, 16 Dixon Street, Strathpine

We would love to team up with you in support of Mylestone Employment’s job seekers. So pop by, grab a coffee and take a picture to share, tagging us @mycpl alongside the hash tags:

#choicepassionlife #helpmakeamylestone

Every tweet, snap, Instagram or post could help bring knowledge to potential employers and show prospective employees that we live in a community that not only supports them, but offers them equal opportunities.

We’d love to see you there!

Kind regards,


Mylestone Employment



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