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Five DIY Kids Party Tips:

From A Kids Party Entertainer

The children’s party and entertainment world has turned from Barbie cakes and pass the parcel, to a whole new world of possibilities that can leave some parents feeling like it’s a competition. But alas! I promise, your child will remember the fun – not the expense. As easy as it can be to break the bank hiring someone (like me!) to do the job for you, it can be just as easy and (almost) stress free to do it yourself.


  1. Choose a theme and commit to it!

Whether your child (still) adores Frozen or is on the Moana bandwagon now, there are so many options in dollar stores these days to provide a themed shindig that will leave the kids in awe.


  1. Plan the party activities to suit the children!

As a party entertainer, we would come in with a variety of games and adapt each to suit the nature of the children. You know your children and their friends better than anyone, so plan ahead! If you have a quiet natured little soul, plan some craft activities or cookie decorating. If you have a wild one, make sure your party is action-packed with active games and fun!


  1. How to pre-plan the perfect games (based on age!)

Kids below 3:

For kids below three years old, the games kind of go over their heads! My advice is to get out a puppet, read a story, do some dancing and music sing-a-longs and by then all they’ll want to do is put their hands in the cake and have a nap!

Kids 3+:

Musical statues! With stickers awarded for very still statues and fabulous dance moves. The first child to get three stickers would win – and this would usually be the birthday girl/boy.

Bubble magic! Blow some bubbles, telling the kids that with each bubble popped they get to make a wish. To make it harder, tell kids to pop the bubbles with different parts of their body. From their elbows, to toes and even their tongues (they think this one is hilarious!)

Pass the parcel! A party classic – you’ll just have to keep an eye on those kids with sticky fingers, it is inevitable with little ones.

Follow the leader! Get children to follow your dance moves, giving out stickers for fabulous effort! If a child is super confident, get them to take over as a leader.

Kids 6+:

Stuck in the mud! Adapt this game to your theme. For instance at a spider man party, instead of being stuck in the mud the kids were caught in Spiderman’s Web! Or at a Frozen party, had been frozen like Anna. This is a great way to use a ton of the kids’ energy and make an active game a little bit more exciting.

Bob, bob, freeze: this game is like musical statues, but a little bit harder for the older kids! The first time the music stops, kids bob down. The second, they bob down again and on the third, they freeze. This repeats – and each time a child does the wrong movement, they’re out. Or you can give out stickers to those who do the correct movement, as above in musical statues.

Super hero races: get kids crawling, running in slow motion, jumping and hopping around an ‘obstacle course’ in their own ‘super-hero training’ to see who is your fastest superhero!


  1. Face painting and balloons!

These party activities seem scary to parents, but are actually way easier than you think! Grab some face paint and a balloon pump from your local dollar store, pop onto YouTube and you’ll be painting flowers and creating balloon dogs in no time! Children from toddlers to pre-teens (and some of the grown-ups) will love these, without any judgement to their perfection – no one expects you to be a professional!

  1. Don’t stress about the food!

The children don’t care if the party-pies aren’t perfect, or if the cake was professionally made. Just make sure to cater to dietary needs, provide some healthy options (along with the party treats!) and remember that your child will be thrilled with whatever is provided!


By Meg Gillespie whilst at P4 Group


Livvy + Harry

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