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Two posts written for Seahaven Resort Noosa by Meg Gillespie

Go-to Thrills for the Noosa Adventurer

Noosa is well known for its beauty, relaxing beaches and memorable dining. But beyond all of this terrific tranquillity is the ideal location to have the experience of a lifetime! Between dips in the Seahaven pool or morning runs on the beach, check out some of the opportunities below in one of Queensland’s most breathtaking landscapes.


The Noosa Thriller

Renowned local jet boat ride packs a punch as it blasts through local waters. Just the right amount of heart-pounding fun for the whole family!


                  Noosa Jet Ski Hire

Whether you want to tour the Noosa River or speed through the waters of the ocean, Noosa Jet Ski’s offer the opportunity to fully experience the beauty of the bay.


Noosa Kite Surfing

By the mouth of Noosa River, throw that kite in the sky and enjoy the view in a brand new way – all with some exercise to boot – win/win!


Ramblers Sky Diving

Pop over to the nearby Rainbow Beach or Coolum Beach for the experience of a lifetime. Not for the faint of heart – family run Ramblers Sky Diving can literally show you the world! Bask in the glory of the Sunshine Coast with the best view on Earth, from 14 000 feet in the air!


Kayak Noosa

Whether under the sunset, with the family or on a tour – kayaking can be an active yet beautiful way to see the sights at Noosa.


Horse Riding Sunshine Coast

Ride along the beach with mans (second) best friend! Guided rides or lessons are offered in the bush or on the beach. The perfect way to make your beach side getaway a little bit different!


Aussie World

If you’re up for a bit of travel, Aussie World is a great way to get the whole family involved in some thrilling fun for an action packed day of roller coasters, shows and entertainment. With a water play area to cool off, to the Trampoline Park and Illusionarium – Aussie World is not your average theme park!


After all of that action, relax in the Seahaven spa soothing your sore muscles, with views of the water and reflect on all of the amazing memories you’ve made – until tomorrow of course.


Written by Meg Gillespie whilst at P4 Group


How to Spoil Yourself at Seahaven


With the beginning of 2017 comes one of our favourite things – long weekends. The ideal opportunity to take a moment to relax, reward all of your hard work and take some time for yourself. Finding time for ourselves can be difficult in the whirlwind of careers, families and responsibility. So why not take the occasion to celebrate you? Even if you’re with a partner, family or children – we have ideas to make sure you take some time to spoil yourself!


Take a day for yourself.

Find a way to take a full day, from sunrise to moon fall, all to yourself. If you like sleeping in – do it! If you like going for an early morning run – go for it! Take your time to do YOU, without worrying about your day-to-day life. Switch off from the world and make the most of what Noosa has to offer. Whether it’s simply spending the day by the Seahaven pool or going for a game of golf or a day of shopping. Spending time with just you is a gift!


Explore the nature of Noosa (switched off from social media!)

It’s said that nature can reconnect us with ourselves and open our minds – but it’s also just beautiful! Whether you go for a hike along the Noosa Trail, head to the Noosa Rock Pools or travel the waters of Noosa River on a kayak. Whether you’re with yourself, a friend, a partner or family experiencing the beauty of the coast through your own eyes rather than through your phone screen can indulge your heart and soul!


Do something new!

Whether you want to scream your heart out as you sky dive – or simply play a game of mini golf. Noosa is jam packed full of activities that you may have not yet experienced! So make the most of what’s on offer and start a new hobby, partake in a new activity, go somewhere you’ve never been or even eat something you never have! Spoiling yourself is in the simple things.


So dive in head first! Enjoy everything on offer, the wonderful reception staff at Seahaven know all of the tricks of the trade, secrets of the streets and best places or activities to experience – so go have a chat, and start the day all about you.




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