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StayWell Hospitality Group appoints Mathew Horvat as GM of Park Regis North Quay

Mathew Horvat has been appointed by StayWell Hospitality Group as General Manager of Park Regis North Quay. With over twenty years’ experience in the hotel industry, Horvat’s career growth spans from his humble beginning as an apprentice chef in Melbourne through to experiences across the world as an executive chef, operations manager, executive assistant manager and now as a general manager.

Horvat describes the rewards of a career in hospitality as always learning something new from all levels of staff. Passionate about ensuring an empowered and supported hotel team, Horvat aims to further the success of the highly esteemed hotel. With a lifetime of experience in the hotel industry, he is not afraid to get his hands dirty. Describing his daily role as never the same. From being in the restaurant, working behind the scenes with the maintenance crew on refurbishment projects to guiding his team on day-to-day operations.

Horvat embraces the unique selling proposition that Park Regis North Quay offers, views from every room and a united hospitality team.

“Our guests are our greatest sales force,” said Horvat. With the strength of the united team led by Horvat, each team member takes pride in their work. This subsequently improves guest satisfaction and increases the amount of return guests. With the words of a past mentor, ‘work smarter and evolve in the business’, encouraging him in his work as GM of Park Regis North Quay.

Although Horvat has worked across the globe, from London to Tokyo, he considers the hotel industry in Brisbane to be the most up and coming. Describing how hotel business across the state is thriving. More so, Horvat believes the industry is always changing, with every day bringing new experiences and opportunities – and Park Regis North Quay is his most highly anticipated and exciting yet.


Written by Meg Gillespie whilst at P4 Group


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