Client: StayWell Hospitality Group – Online Content

Written to be pitched to Tourism Publications for Client StayWell Hospitality Group and one of their hotel, Park Regis Anchorage in Townsville.

Make Townsville your Destination with Park Regis Anchorage

Breath-taking scenery, immense history and endless experiences. That’s what Townsville and Park Regis Anchorage can offer, providing the platform for your very own getaway of a life time.

Park Regis’ is located ideally in the city-centre of Townsville. A quick trip by car takes you over Ross Creek to the well-known Reef HQ Aquarium and the Museum of Tropical Queensland.

Alternatively, a short stroll across the Victoria Bridge will lead you to the Townsville Brewery, Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, and the Cowboys Leagues Club, the tourism information centre along with a hub of food, fun, shopping and local produce.

A simple five minute drive transports you from city to sea, where The Strand and its beautiful views, various water-based activities and family friendly water park can cater for those looking for a relaxing escape, family vacation or adrenaline filled adventure.

The Townsville Museum can then take you back to the experiences of northern Queenslanders during World War 1 and 2, an eye-opening experience which is just ten minutes from Park Regis.

Whilst the Maritime Museum and Yacht Club are just a stone’s throw from your door step, if you jump on a SeaLink Ferry you can head up the shore to a variety of high quality restaurants, providing some of the freshest seafood Queensland has to offer.

Not to mention Park Regis Anchorages’ salons, spas, swimming pools, fitness centres and variety of other facilities and services presented exclusively for guests.

There are endless possibilities to experience your dream getaway, and they’re all provided by the luxury, location and lifestyle offered by Townsville’s own Park Regis Anchorage.


By Meg Gillespie whilst at P4 Group


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