Video: The People and their Puppets [documentary]

In the heart of Jaipur, India, lives a community like no other. The Kathputli Colony or ‘puppet makers slum’ have been crafting Kathputli puppets for the past seven generations. But times have become tough for the puppet makers. Join reporter, Maegan Gillespie, in hearing the stories and struggles, the passion and purpose of the Kathputli people.

Specials thanks to: The New Colombo Plan, The University of Queensland, Bruce Woolley, Paul Smith, The people of the Kathputli Colony ,Vinot Bhat and Roshni, Helping Hands and Vijay Singh, Amity University, Professor Ramesh Chandra Pathak, Shivani Sharma, Anurag Ekka, Akshat Jain, Anny White, Maya Fellows, Johnpaul Gonzo, Hannah Palmer and the entire UQ in Jaipur team

Documentary filmed, produced and directed as part of a foreign correspondent field trip course, that I was one of twenty students selected to partake in. Courtesy of the New Colombo Plan.


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